We are committed to helping our members reduce the risk and impact of loss and theft of their possessions.


Additionally we are actively working to educate and empower our members to protect themselves against the dangers of identity theft.


Our services can help to reduce the risks and impacts associated with loss and theft.


In this section we provide information, hints, tips and guides that can help you to protect yourself and your family from risks associated with loss and theft.


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Learn how Secure Sentinel helps to protect your possessions

Losing valuable items can be stressful and costly but it happens much more frequently than you may think. Thieves tend to focus on particular items, things that are small, valuable, easy to take and conceal.

Learn how Secure Sentinel helps to protect your mobile phone

More than 200,000 mobile phones are reported lost or stolen in Australia each year.

According to a recent study by the Australian Mobile Telecommunication Association, mobile phones are most likely to be stolen from cars (28%), social venues such as restaurants, pubs and clubs (20%) and the workplace (8%). Most phones are reported lost or stolen on Mondays, suggesting that most phones go missing over the weekend.

Travel checklist

The check list below provides a number of ideas, tips and advice to help you protect yourself and reduce the risks and impacts of loss, theft and identity crime while travelling.

Learn how Secure Sentinel helps to protect your financial cards

Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the ways in which they steal from individuals and cards such as credit, debit, ATM, store and loyalty cards are common targets. Card theft is only one risk; some criminals go so far as to steal bank statements from letterboxes and garbage to find individual details. Other criminals use the telephone and internet to attempt to access information directly from their victims by pretending to be from a bank or service provider.

Learn how SecureIdentity helps protect your identity

Identity theft is Australia’s fastest growing crime. 772,000 Australians were victims of identity theft in the last year.^

^Identity Theft in Australia: The Current Problem. Veda Group. Omnibus Survey by The Leading Edge. n = 1511 Australians aged 18+. March 2015

Safety tips for keys

Many people underestimate the security risk that lost keys pose. It's surprising how many break-ins occur because a thief came into possession of someone's house keys.

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