Spotlight on Secure Sentinel financial card cancellation & re-issue assistance

It's an awful feeling when you realise your wallet or handbag has been lost or stolen. Instantly you think of the intrusion into your life, the inconvenience and the potential financial implications.  Identity theft is not always the first thing to cross your mind but it certainly is a real risk which can have an ongoing impact on your life. 


Secure Sentinel's financial card cancellation and re-issue service can help take the stress out of these situations. If you have registered your financial cards with Secure Sentinel all it takes is one call 24/7 and we will arrange to cancel your lost or stolen registered financial cards and assist in having them re-issued. It saves you having to remember your card details and the phone numbers for your  financial institutions.


Secure Sentinel cancels approximately 3000 lost or stolen financial cards per year. To help limit your exposure to fraud and identity theft following the loss or theft of your handbag or wallet, ensure you contact Secure Sentinel immediately to cancel your registered financial cards. The quicker you are able to act, the less likely it is that your cards will be used fraudulently.


To enable us to help you in these situations it's important to keep your details up-to-date. Simply visit your Membership Account to update your items. If you don't have a password to access your membership online,  you can Register to obtain your password and register the details of all your important possessions. Remember to register your credit, debit, ATM, store and fuel cards.  


If you need to report a loss, please call us on 1800 022 043. Our specially trained staff are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.