No need to lose your cool over lost luggage


A dark night, a long trip, and a bus full of tired passengers eager to get home or on to the next leg of their journey. Someone picking up the wrong bag is a no-brainer. But if your luggage is securely tagged with your Secure Sentinel ID labels, then the sort of situation that leaves you with no clean essentials or even a toothbrush can easily be rectified.


Secure Sentinel customer Malcolm P. from New Plymouth recently fell victim to a case of mistaken luggage identity after a long bus journey to Whangarei on the north island of New Zealand.


"I climbed off the bus in pitch darkness and went to get my bag but another passenger had taken it by mistake, hopped into a taxi and gone home," Malcolm recalls.


"She had no intention of taking the bag it was just an honest mistake. But it was a terrible night; I fell over getting off the bus and skinned my knee and ripped my trousers and had to sleep with no pyjamas and couldn't even clean my teeth," he laughs.


"Luckily the lady saw the tag and rang Secure Sentinel and in no time at all they rang my wife, who had our cell phone because she was driving up to Whangarei, and my Iuggage and I were reunited within hours."


The accidental bag snatcher was just as desperate as Malcolm to reclaim her belongings but, unfortunately for her, the situation was a little more complicated.


"I didn't take her bag because I knew it wasn't mine so I left it on the bus," Malcolm explains. "So her bag went to the end of the line hours up the road."


But for Malcolm, with that one phone call to Secure Sentinel his peace of mind was restored. "It's the reassurance of knowing that you're protected," he says of his decision to stay with Secure Sentinel.


Sue Bakshi, Secure Sentinel Operations Co-ordinator talks about the wide range of ways Secure Sentinel can help with lost and stolen belongings.


Mobile Phones: If your registered mobile phone is lost or stolen we'll place a temporary block on it to prevent unauthorised calls being made.


Keys: Coded key tags so that lost keys can be returned if found.


Important Documents & Possession Register: Register the details of all your important documents and possessions. This information is kept safe until it's needed such as for a police or insurance report.


Luggage: Luggage tags alert anyone, anywhere in the world who finds your bags to call us immediately.


Fraud Deterrent Labels: Attention-grabbing labels can be placed on important items to help deter theft and assist in returning the item should it be found.