Slice of Life: Giaan Rooney


World record breaker and former Olympic swimming champ, Giaan Rooney has the gumption to survive physical pain and gruelling mental challenges. But there is one thing that can bring the Wide World of Sports and erstwhile Getaway presenter undone - a missing set of keys.


"I'd just flown back to Melbourne from a Getaway trip to Canada," Giaan recalls. "I'd been travelling for 30 hours and was exhausted. All I wanted to do was get home, have a hot shower and sleep in my own bed. I have a key safe at my house so that anyone can get in if I give them the code. But when I went to get the keys they were gone. I couldn't believe it. Several people have keys to my house but I couldn't get hold of any of them. It was a long weekend and everyone was out of town. The only person I could get was a two hour drive away and my car keys were inside the house. I was so furious because I was disgustingly dirty and, to make matters worse, I was busting to go to the toilet!"


So close yet still far from her own comfy bed and covered in airplane cabin grime, Giaan had no choice but to call a locksmith. But still it wasn't an instant solution. "There's a locksmith around the corner from my house but they were closed" says Giaan. "So when I finally found one, I then had to wait around on my front porch for two and a half hours for this guy to show up. When he finally arrived, it took him literally 20 seconds to open the front door and he charged me $175."


At the time it was a small price to pay for the luxury of hot water and home comforts but there was still the matter of the missing keys. "It was a lovely girlfriend of mine who had been dog sitting for me while I was away," Giaan says. "She'd taken the dog - and the keys - not realising I would need them to get back in."


Crossing the globe as an Olympian and travel reporter Giaan has had her fair share of mishaps but admits being locked out she says really tested her limits. "I've been through a lot of stressful situations overseas - like the time I was travelling with a guy who had the same name as a wanted IRA terrorist so every time we went through passport control the poor guy was strip searched. But for some reason this was worse. I was so frustrated and incredibly emotional from jetlag that I was nearly in tears because the whole idea of a key safe is that you use it then put it back in," she laughs in hindsight. "I still have the key safe - but everyone is under strict instructions to put the key back!"


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