In the unfortunate event where something goes wrong, our members know that they need only make one free telephone call to Secure Sentinel. Our specially trained staff are ready to provide support and assistance in rectifying a bad situation.


Since 1983 Secure Sentinel has supported over 600,000 members in Australia and New Zealand. We offer peace of mind, so that you can focus on the good things in life.


What would you do without a Secure Sentinel membership?

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What would you do if the following happened?

  • Would you know what to do first?

  • How fast do you need to act?

  • Can you remember the contents of your wallet and the numbers on cards?

  • Do you know which phone numbers to call?

  • How will you cope without cash, especially if you are far from home?


On average, a person must make five phone calls and spend over one hour on hold and speaking to operators to cancel all of their cards. With Secure Sentinel it takes just one phone call to cancel all registered cards and commence the process of obtaining new cards. You’re also covered against fraudulent use of your cards from the time you call us until the time we notify the relevant institutions.

You may also be eligible for an emergency cash advance of up to AU$1,000* should you need to pay for any urgent transport or accommodation costs.

*Terms and conditions apply.

  • Do you know how many companies hold your personal information and whether they have a security breach?

  • How would you know until it was too late and thousands of dollars had been taken from your account?

  • If you suspect that it has, what action do you need to take?

  • How can you take steps to prevent this?

Identity Watch is a feature included in both our SecurePlus and SecureIdentity services, offering cyber-monitoring of your personal identifiable information.

We scan black market websites, blogs and chat rooms where stolen identity information is illegally traded and if your details are found we’ll send you an email alert you so you can take action straight away.

  • How do you get your phone blocked to prevent unauthorised calls?

  • Do you know your mobile providers support telephone number?

  • Do you know your phone’s serial number (IMEI number)?

With Secure Sentinel it takes only one phone call to place a temporary block on your registered mobile phone. You’re also covered against fraudulent calls from your mobile from the time you call us until the time we notify your mobile service provider.

  • Who do you contact to cancel your passport?

  • What number do you call?

  • Which forms do you have to fill out and where can you get these?

  • How can you arrange for a replacement, especially if you’re overseas?

It’s incredibly stressful to lose your passport, especially if this occurs when you’re overseas. Not only does it impact your ability to travel but it also presents a serious identity risk. Working out which government department to call can be difficult and time consuming. Worrying that a criminal could be using your identity is even worse.

With Secure Sentinel it takes just one phone call to cancel your passport which reduces the ability of thieves to use it fraudulently. Secure Sentinel also provides information and assistance for you in getting a replacement passport issued.

  • How will they get in touch with you?

  • How can they return these to you safely and quickly?

Losing your keys or luggage can be stressful and expensive. It often distracts you from other tasks as you have to spend time back-tracking, calling around and trying to work out where your items are and if it is possible to have these returned.

With Secure Sentinel, members attach coded key tags to any sets of keys, and high-visual impact tags to luggage. If these items are later found, we’ll help to facilitate their return.

  • Do you know what was stolen or lost?

  • Can you describe each item? Name and model?

  • Do you have a list of serial numbers of all items?

  • Do you have your insurance policy details?

  • Do you know who to contact?

Completing police and insurance reports can be time consuming and may require you to provide a lot of information regarding the lost or stolen items. It is very helpful to have details such as item model number, name, serial numbers and other details.

With Secure Sentinel, members can record this information via our easy-to-use and secure website. Should members ever need to access, update or change this information they are able to do so via any computer or by calling us.


  • How can you determine if your identity may have been compromised?

  • If you suspect that it has, what action do you need to take?

  • What impact will this have on you and your family?

  • How can you take steps to prevent this?

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in Australia and New Zealand. Despite this, many people have yet to take any steps to help protect themselves by reducing the risks.

Secure Sentinel members benefit from identity theft monitoring and detection via the credit files and credit alerts provided with SecureIdentity™. This helps to alert any suspicious activity in advance and allows members to take early action.

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