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SecureIdentity features and benefits

IMPORTANT NOTE: Membership automatically renews each year unless you cancel at least 14 days before your renewal date.

Individual Membership

1 person

Family Membership 

Up to 10 people^

Credit file: Receive a copy of your credit file to help you to determine that your credit history is accurate and up-to-date#.
Credit alerts: Ongoing email alerts will help you to keep track of changes to your credit file.

Financial card registration: We'll cancel lost or stolen registered financial cards including credit, debit and ATM cards and assist in arranging for replacements to be reissued.

Identity Watch: pro-actively monitors black market websites, blogs and chat rooms where identity information is illegal traded and alerts you if your personal information has been compromised.

Fraud Protect: We will register the details of your lost/stolen passport with Fraud Protect once they are reported lost or stolen to us.

IdentityGuard: Assists you in restoring your identity, with up to $15,000 cover per annum*.

Key retrieval: Receive coded key tags so that lost keys can be returned if found.

Passport: We’ll assist with the cancellation and reissue of your lost Australian passport, and remind you when any passport you hold is due for renewal.

Emergency cash advance: In the event of loss or theft, if eligible, we'll quickly provide an emergency cash advance of up to AU$1,000* via Western Union.

Important documents and possession registration: Register all your important documents and possessions. This information is kept safe until it's needed such as for a police or insurance report.

Luggage retrieval: Luggage tags will alert anyone, anywhere in the world who finds your bags to call us immediately.

Fraud deterrent labels: Attention-grabbing labels can be placed on important items to help deter theft and assist in returning the item should it be found.

Online vault: Safely upload and store important documents including certificates and wills.

Global assistance: You can reach Secure Sentinel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via our Australian-based customer support centre. Our specially trained staff are always ready to assist.

^ Up to 10 people living at the same address
# 1 credit file for individual membership and 2 credit files for family membership
1 credit alert for individual membership and 2 credit alerts for family membership
Terms and conditions apply