Identity Watch can help you be proactive if your details are compromised online.

Identity theft can be a stressful, time-consuming and costly experience to recover from.

Identity Watch provides cyber-monitoring for your personal information. If your information is found to be compromised online you will be sent an alert advising you on the next steps to take.

How Identity Watch works

Identity Watch monitors criminal trading and selling of identity information (such as phone numbers, email addresses, passports and credit card numbers) to locate compromised data that may be used for cybercrime.

If your information is compromised online then you will receive an email alert. The alert will let you know what information has potentially been stolen, and a recommendation on what to do next to help protect you from becoming a victim of cybercrime.

What information is monitored

It's up to you what details you'd like monitored by Identity Watch. You need to log in to the secure members' portal and opt in items on your Protected Items page.

Here is a list of the types of items you can have monitored by Identity Watch and the maximum number of items:

  • Credit/Debit Cards: 8
  • Bank Accounts: 5
  • Email Addresses: 3
  • Phone Numbers: 3
  • Medicare Cards: 2
  • Passports: 1
  • Drivers Licence: 1


Cybercrime Facts
  • Over $93 million was reported lost by Australians as a result of targeted scams in 2012.

Source: Targeting Scams report 2012 - ACCC report June 2013

  • More than 1 in 5 Australians (23%) have experienced identity crime.

Source: Veda Australian Debt Study March 2012

  • 6 million Facebook contact details exposed – Facebook, June 2012
  • Over 200,000 Australians lose or have their mobile phone stolen every year.

Source:  Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association 2012


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Frequently Asked Questions

Identity Watch monitors your details - such as credit and debit card numbers, phone numbers and email addresses - not your transactions.

While your bank or credit card company may do a great job of letting you know when your account has been used overseas or for an excessive number of transactions, they do not actively search all of your chosen identity information to see what is/has been compromised. By using Identity Watch we proactively help you protect yourself from identity theft, rather than being reactive once the fraud has taken place.

Credit Alerts let you know if certain changes are made to your Credit File, for example this could be someone trying to apply for credit in your name.

Identity Watch monitors criminal trading and selling of identity information such as phone numbers, email addresses, passports and credit card numbers online. You'll receive an alert if we discover your details are compromised, so you can proactively protect your identity.

Identity theft is a type of fraud which involves stealing money or gaining other benefits by pretending to be someone else. Identity theft can occur in many ways-from somebody using your credit card details illegally to make purchases to having your entire identity assumed by another person to open bank accounts, take out loans and conducting illegal business under your name.

If you receive an Identity Watch alert it means personal details you opted in to be monitored by Identity Watch may have been compromised. This means that they were detected online in a place where fraudsters are known to trade them.

The next steps you need to take are to log in to the secure members' portal and go to the Alerts tab. This tab will give you more information on the item that was compromised and what to do next depending on the type of personal information that has been compromised.

No, your bank will not be notified if you get an Identity Watch alert. Only you will receive an email alert and have access to more details within your secure portal. Once you receive this alert it is up to you to take appropriate actions. We provide you with guidance on next steps in the secure portal.

Once you have opted in your Protected Items to be monitored by Identity Watch it will take 24 hours for the initial scan to take place. You will receive an Identity Watch welcome email that will let you know whether any items have been compromised or not, and then we will only contact you if your information has been compromised online by way of an alert.

Your details will be monitored daily. If any information is found to be compromised we will send an alert.

When you first select information to be monitored by Identity Watch we will run an initial scan and let you know whether you have any compromised information or not. After that you will only receive an alert when you have compromised information.. This means that they have been located online in areas where details are illegally traded on the Internet.

It is hard to say how often you will receive alerts, some people may receive them more regularly than other people but the main thing is that you never know when a cyber-criminal will act and it is best to keep all your Protected Item information up to date in case the worst happens.

Please remember we can only help you with information you have stored with us, so check now to make sure this is up to date. Visit now.

We will send you an email letting you know that you have received an alert.

We will ask you to log into the secure members' website to view the details of the alert and instructions on what to do next.

Please remember we will never send you an email with a link to the login page or ask you to provide personal information.

In less than 5 minutes you can help protect yourself from cybercrime and identity theft.

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